Welcome to our blog post, “TOP 55 INSPIRING QUOTES ON VISION BY DR. MYLES MUNROE.” In this post, Dr. Myles Munroe, a renowned visionary and influential speaker, shares his profound wisdom through these 55 inspirational quotes that will ignite your leadership passion, unlock your potential, and guide you on the path to achieving your dreams. Prepare to be inspired as we delve into the transformative power of vision with Dr. Munroe’s timeless words.

1. Vision unlocks what was and what is to propel you into the land of what would be.

2. Vision sets you free from the limitations of what eyes see and allows you enter the liberty of what the heart can feel.

3. Vision makes the unseen visible and the unknown possible.

4. Once you can hold on to a vision there’s chance for you to move to fulfillment.

5. Vision is the energy for the process and the source of discipline.

6. Many people are working for money. That’s an inferior reason to work; work for the Vision within you.

7. God loves dreamers, gives vision, and is attracted to people with big dreams.

8. You were wired to have all the essential components for fulfilling your vision.

9. Vision is about God— what He wants, not human interventions or view.

10. Your vision is already in you— look within yourself. They are your deepest desires.

11. Vision possesses you, you don’t possess it. You can never get away from it. It is more than mere interest, it persists against the odds.

12. Vision is unselfish. It should focus on helping humanity or building up orders in some way.

13. Vision builds God’s Kingdom not your kingdom.

14. Your personal vision will always be found within a larger corporate vision.

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15. God gives visions to individuals. They share it with a group who choose to stay because they find their own personal visions in it.

16. No great work was ever done by one person. Many people are needed to fulfill your vision.

17. No person in a corporate vision is inferior or more important. Everyone plays his role— fulfilling his own personal vision. Don’t try to take another person’s role; that’s chaos.

18. You don’t receive vision from others but you are enabled to fulfill it through others.

19. Visions generate visions. Dreams stir up other dreams.

20. In corporate visions, we stir up each other’s vision so the divine deposit of destiny flows.

21. Every job you take should put you on a track towards a goal that is bigger than the present (job) so that you can fulfill your vision.

22. Your vision is meant to distinguish you from every other person.

23. Mission is a general statement of purpose that declares the overall idea of what to accomplish. Vision is a distinctive direction or approach for accomplishing mission.

24. Prolonged indecisiveness is a vision killer; it keeps you in the middle of the road and lets life run over you.

25. Vision is your anchor in the wind of adversity.

26. Redemption restores our ability to accomplish Vision.

27. Every effective leader or group of people was directed by a clear Vision.

28. In finding vision you must be in touch with the values and priorities of the Kingdom.

29. Vision is a clear conception of what is not yet a reality but can exist and a strong image of a preferable future.

30. Vision is not going back to the “good before” but getting at the “better anew.” It takes from good to better to best.

31. God puts His vision, spirit and power within is— more than enough potential for our needs.

32. Vision becomes a plan when it is captured, fleshed-out and written.

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33. You know your vision is from God when you are still at it once the storm clears. It is easy to get excited at a vision but harder to stay faithful. Faithfulness to a vision is one of the marks of legitimacy.

34. Capture your vision and stay with it— you will be rewarded.

35. Vision will always be tested by tribulation.

36. Sight is a function of the eyes while vision is a function of the heart. Never let sight determine your belief.

37. Worry is ungodly and fear makes your vision short-circuited.

38. Your vision is powerless until you talk about it.

39. Sight, unlike vision, has no hope. Visions are greater than our environments.

40. There’s no hurried way to God’s vision. He leads step-by-step, day-by-day, through tribulations, trials and character-building.

41. The way to our vision, though we don’t like it, develops our character and produces responsibility in us.

42. You make choices everyday that influence your chances of getting at your vision.

43. When you begin to act on your vision, you stir those who want to help and those who want to hinder you.

44. When you have no vision or don’t act on your vision, your helper won’t know where to find you.

45. The most severed from your vision are the members of your family. You need to pull out of people you love to fulfill a God-given vision

46. If we believe we have to use our resources to fulfill our visions we are small dreamers.

47. Your provision is hidden until you act on your vision. Your provision is built into your vision. You were not born to have too much or too little, you were born to fulfill purpose.

48. Cultivate what is around you and make it a resource for your vision.

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49. Every true vision will be tested for authenticity. Make your vision larger than the opposition.

50. Follow God’s vision yet still respect and love your parents.

51. If trials terminate a vision, it is perhaps not from God. Put every vision to test.

52. You make plans so you can have a plan to modify as appropriate and necessary along the way while still keeping to the overall vision.

53. Vision takes time and patience and often involves change. Set deadlines but be willing to rearrange them and walk at your vision’s pace.

54. You must have a daily, dynamic and personal prayer life for continual communion and fellowship with the Source of vision.

55. Vision simplifies life.

Unlock your visionary potential and embark on a transformative journey guided by the wisdom of Dr. Myles Munroe’s inspiring quotes. Let these powerful words fuel your vision and propel you towards a future of limitless possibilities.

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